Invincible is an Non Government Organization, being run by young students for social reformation and building the nation with moral values and ethics.
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Project Youth Brigade

Youth Brigade is an initiative taken under the banner of Invincible NGO to carry out activities for all round youth development. Youth Brigade is represented as a uniformed volunteer force, where the trainees learn about life skills and carry out socially helpful activities with a vision of making a strong and happy nation. Youth Brigade offers a 2 year long training course where 30 hours contribution per year is expected from every trainee. The course is run along with the academic schedule of the institutes. Large area of training is covered under this project, where no training fees is taken with a view to provide free life education to each and every interested young mind. The training is measured by 2 type of development sectors .i.e. physical skills development and personality based development. Self-defence, civil defence, disaster management, rifle shooting are included in physical training where group discussion, mock interviews, manners & etiquette are part of personality development.
Project - Youth Brigade - Learn to Live... Live to Lead...