Invincible is an Non Government Organization, being run by young students for social reformation and building the nation with moral values and ethics.
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Discover Kutch - Kutch

Discover Kutch

3 Days / 4 Nights 520ft
8 to 40 years
Invincible NGO


  • Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad

  • ₹ 2999

Guidelines To The Participants For Safe Camping.

  1. Using Face Mask/Face Cover is compulsory
  2. Aarogya Setu App on your mobile phone is mandatory, before commencing Bus journey & during the camping duration.
  3. Maintain Social Distancing and Wash Hands Frequently, Avoid handshakes with other participants and staff members.
  4. Must Carry personal hand sanitisers to use during activities/camping
  5. The Participants are advised to Carry personal items for safe camping like Plate/lunch box for meals, mug, spoons, water bottle.
  6. Try to avoid touching at any place like handlebars, supporting bars in a bus, automated water taps, sanitiser machines, etc.
  7. Use dustbins for garbage and mask disposal.
  8. Every participant would pass through a temperature test to ensure the safety and spread of infection.

Guidelines To The Respective Managers/Volunteers/Instructors For Safe Camping.


  1. All the tents would be sanitised properly before the commencement of the camp and once checked out, they will not be allocated for at least 4 days to anyone.
  2. 1 person per tent would be allocated if he is a solo traveller
  3. If family members requests for a separate tent then will be allocated
  4. Only rexine/artificial leather-covered mattress to be used and would be sanitised after every use.

Kitchen & Dining

  1. Masks and Hand gloves are compulsory for the cooking staff
  2. Kitchen and Dining area to be cleaned and sanitised daily.
  3. Participants will be advised carrying personal plates/lunchboxes, spoon & mug to stay contact-free.
  4. Participants are encouraged to enjoy meals in open areas and if the dining area is used, then keep a minimum of 6 feet distance between 2 people.
  5. Water tanks and RO plants are out of reach for all the ranks (participants, instructors, and staff members)

Day 1: Mandvi Beach Visit & Bhuj Sightseeing

  • After night travel in Bus, Arrive at Mandvi
  • Mandvi Beach Visit 
  • Arrival at Bhuj Campsite
  • Adventure Activities & Refreshment

Day 2: Bhuj Sightseeing & White Rann Visit

  • Early morning, trek to sunrise point
  • Bhuj Local Sightseeing
  • Sunset at the White Rann
  • Dinner & Campfire

Day 3: Dholvira (The Ancient City)

  • Early morning departure for Dholavira
  • Canon Point Visit
  • Lunch & Ancient City Visit 
  • Sunset at the sea coast
  • Departure for Ahmedabad after Dinner

Next-day Morning Arrival at Ahmedabad (7 AM)

Note: The camp will depart on the previous day evening i.e. if 5th Jan is shown on our website, the bus will depart from Ahmedabad on 4th Jan evening at 08:45 PM. The schedule is subject to weather condition


  1. Travelling from Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad by a Non AC Seater Bus
  2. Pure Veg Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  3. Accommodation in Dormitory/Tent
  4. Volunteers & Instructors
  5. Trekking & Campfire
  6. Forest Entry Fees
  7. GST


  1. Entry fees at places of sightseeing (if any)
  2. 2nd day Lunch
  3. Anything not mentioned above

Entry Fees of Sightseeing Places

  • White Rann - ₹ 100 (
  • Prag Mahal - ₹ 20
  • Aina Mahal - ₹ 10
  • Vijay Vilas Palace - ₹ 50

As the aim of this camping is to provide Nature Education and train the youth for critical situations, we prefer proper adventure establishment for the adventure camps.

 In Kutch, we form a temporary campsite by patching tents and putting cooking facilities. Water facilities are available there and the participants are supposed to stay there in dome style tents. Survival training is a core part of this camping.

Healthy Pure Veg food will be served during the camping. Non-vegetarian food or egg food is not allowed in the campsite area.

Jain or Swaminarayan Food is also available.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation would be granted by the Project Manager or Higher Authorities on receiving cancellation request through registered mail ID only. The cancellation Amount will be counted on total fees only.
The refund amount will be paid in 10 to 15 working days through an AC payee cheque.

Before more than 40 days of expedition,   10%
Before 21 to 40 days of expedition,   25%
Before 11 to 20 days of expedition,   40%
Before 1 to 10 days of expedition,   60%
In the last 24 hours of Departure,     90%


✓ This is an Adventure Camp and not a leisure tour, so we expect a high level of discipline
✓ Participants will have to follow the instructions clearly given by the volunteer/guide, Misbehave/Arguing with the volunteers/guide/instructors will be considered as disciplinary issues
Smoking, Alcohol, Tobacco & Abusive Language are strictly prohibited and if anyone found a suspect in such cases, the participation will be terminated and no further service/return travelling/refund will be offered then after
✓ Accommodation & Sanitary Facilities for Girls & Boys are separate
✓ Punctuality is taken as a serious matter

Change Of Schedule

✓ In case of unforeseen conditions, the schedule/itinerary can be modified/cancelled
✓ Invincible reserves all rights to cancel/shorten/modify the itinerary, and the final decision is authorized with the trustee team

  • Original Identity Proof
  • Personal Clothing
  • Blanket and Bed-sheet
  • Sports Shoes & Socks
  • Warm Clothing
  • Cap & Goggles
  • Sanitiser & Face Mask
  • Water Bottle & Snacks
  • Plate/Lunch Box, Spoon & Mug/Glass
  • Power Bank, Torch, Camera & Chargers
  • Personal Medication

White Rann of Kutch is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Gujarat.

Invincible offers an adventurous camp in Banni Grasslands, where the youth will stay in tents beneath the hemisphere of shining stars. The camp also includes activities & sightseeing at many famous places.

Invincible invites all interested young people to this much-awaited exploration tour. We will have to deal with many adversities and have to adjust at every step... Because we are going to experience the real Kutchhi Lifestyle! With a Gypsy point of view!

Willing to see you there!

White Rann of Kutch

The white rann is a large salt marsh in the western part of Gujarat. Just near to the Indo Pak Border, the white rann seems endlessly beautiful and majestic.

It is a natural wonder!

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