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Polo Forest 1-Day Trek - Idar, Gujarat

Polo Forest 1-Day Trek

Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad 1 Days / 0 Nights
Idar, Gujarat
Invincible NGO


  • Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad (with Food)

  • ₹ 650

The Polo Forest area was a part of a vast territory and Vijaynagar was the capital 600 years back. The ancient city was a pilgrimage for the Jains and Shivadharmi people of the area. The jungle have 4 sculptured gates made of local sedimentary rocks in each direction. Development of the city was done along the river banks of Harnav. The temples were destroyed by the Mughals and now are the heritage sites. The jungles are rich with many wild animals like leopards and bears. Spiders and pythons are also found in the dense jungle area. In tress, here are more than 600 types. Many species of water birds and crabs are also found in the river and reservoir. The area is sanctuary and being maintained by the Dholwani range forest department. The government has also established a campsite with a view to provide nature education and develop the site as tourism place.

There are 2 way for applying...

  1. Online by clicking on the event date.
  2. Offline by visiting our office.
For more information please call on 9099400699 or mail us on [email protected]

For more information please call on 9099400699 or mail us on [email protected]

Polo Forest 1-day Trek Tentative Schedule

05:30 - Departure for Polo Forest.
08:00 - Breakfast
08:30 - Trek of mountain ‘Maango’.
11:30 - Sightseeing
01:00 - lunch
02:30 - Departure for Rock Climbing.
05:00 - Valedictory Session
06:00 - Departure For Ahmedabad
09:30 - Arrival At Ahmedabad