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Mt Friendship Expedition - Himachal Pradesh

Mt Friendship Expedition

8 Days / 7 Nights 17,355ft
16 to 40 years
Invincible NGO


  • Open Entry

  • ₹ 14000
  • Sponsored Participant

  • ₹ 11000
  • Invincible Volunteers

  • ₹ 9000

With a view to promote Youth into the less explored field of Mountaineering or Mountain Hiking, Invincible – the youth run NGO welcomes all interested young minds for a beginner level mountaineering expedition in Pir Punjal Range of Himalaya, near Manali, Himachal Pradesh for 8 days. Definitely it is a High-Altitude trekking peak, but the technical challenges are raised during the months of September/October. Invincible has successfully attempted on this peak in 2016, 2018 & 2019.

Mt Friendship is 5289 m tall mountain near Manali, Himachal Pradesh. It is graded as trekking peak by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (Ref:

A majestic 17,300+ feet high mountain offers fantastic panoramic views and comparatively demanding high altitude trek to reach on the top. Breathtaking views of the Great Himalayas, the Dhauladhar and the Pir Punjal are the most famous attractions.

To climb Mt Friendship, one doesn’t require technical knowledge and experience but the last stretch towards the summit definitely demands fixed rope climbing and crampons. So, in a manner, the climber is supposed to physically fit and expected to have a proper pre-expedition briefing and knowledge of well to do with basic equipment.

The trek passes through different terrains from Rocky Mountains to Open Glacier crevasses to Snow Clad Summit! Let us do it together! Jai Hind!

Fact Files about Mt Friendship:

Detailing a mountain on paper actually do not show all the aspects, but though the below mentioned information may become helpful to you to understand this expedition...

Name of the Peak: Mt Friendship

 Altitude of the Peak: 5289 m / 17355 ft

Region: Pir Panjal Range, Himachal Pradesh

Grade: Easy / Beginner

Type: Trekking Peak

Latitude: 32 24 00 N

Longitude: 77 12 00 E

Duration 7/8 Days

Strength of Team: 12 + 12 Climbers

Starting Point: Solang Valley, Manali

Base Camp: Lady Leg

Base Camp Altitude: 9500 ft

Route: Naggar > Manali > Solang Valley > Dhundhi > Bakkar Thatch > Lady Leg > Advanced Base Camp > Summit

Day 1| Arrival at Naggar Campsite

As the team of climbers are coming from the distance, they will arrive at Manali by afternoon and then will have briefing & equipment allotment at Invincible’s Manali Basecamp near Naggar, Afternoon will be free for sight seeing and rafting where the evening for introduction and team formation. We will focus on basic mountaineering knowledge and backpacking too.

Day 2 | Drive from Manali to Dhundhi, Trek to Lady Leg Base Camp

Team will set off for Dhundhi early in the morning by car and will start hiking to occupy Lady Leg Base Camp. The trek offers panoramic beauty of various mountains. Some of the notable peaks are the Seven Sisters, Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, Shetidhar & other Pir Punjal mountains.

Initially the hike will pass threw small bushes and deoder forests and end into large bugyal. Above the glacier moraine and flow of the holly beas river, we will set our base camp at Lady Leg – the famous camping ground facing the gigantic Hunuman Tibba.

Altitude: Naggar (5600 ft), Manali (6700 ft), Solang Valley (8400 ft), Lady Leg (9800 ft)

Day 3 | Acclimatisation, Load Ferry to Advanced Base Camp

The first half of the day will be spent for better acclimatization and preparation of the summit route. The climbers will learn about basic Skills of ice-axe, crampons and safety rules.

The team will head towards the advanced base – ABC camp during afternoon for a load ferry and to look out proper camping place for the next day.

After setting up the Advanced Camp, the team will trek down to Base Camp for night halt.

Day 4 | Occupy the Advanced Base Camp

After the morning breakfast, the whole team along with the supporting staff and porters will leave the campsite for the Advanced Camp. The advanced camp is close to the glacier snout and is generally set above the moraine rocks. Stay here is temporary and team tries to pack their backpacks for the final summit.

Glacier and open crevasses can be seen from the ABC.

Horrifying sounds of breaking glaciers and frequent rockfalls threatens the firmness of climbers and help to build a high level of team spirit.

After reaching the ABC and having the lunch, the members will wish each other “Good Night” and will take rest for the summit approach which will be starting at the midnight.

Day 5 | Summit Attempt

The most important day for the expedition. The team will leave the campsite (ABC) very early in the morning (can be said midnight) and will try to reach the col/shoulder of the mountain by sunrise. Crampons and Ice Axes will be used for traversing glacier slopes and the rope would be fixed for an ease of climbing.

Summit Attempt & Last Push

For beginners, it is going to be tough and the thin air will test the spirit of mountaineering where the climbers will be having a challenge to summit the top before afternoon and start the return journey safely.

Day 6 | Extra Day for Summit Attempt

In case of bad weather conditions or any other unforeseen conditions, if the expedition fails to attempt the summit on the prior day, then one day is spared for the summit. However, if the summit is done, then the next day schedule will be followed and the team will descend for the road head one day earlier than the schedule.

Day 7 | Return to Road Head (Dhundhi)

The team will pack up the camp and will start climbing down for Dhundhi. After reaching there, vehicles will pick them up and will drop to Invincible’s Manali Basecamp at Naggar.

Celebrations! An evening for music, dance & bada khana!

Day 8 | Valedictory Session and Departure

The lazy morning will be led to the valedictory session. The friends from mountains are friends forever. Experience sharing session and vote of thanks!

Departure after breakfast!

Please check packages for the fees.

Mt Friendship Expedition is a challenging trek in compare to all beginner level treks. And hence we recommend all interested to start preparation at least 60 prior to the expedition.

We insist all participants/climbers to follows the below mentioned schedule for 5 days/week for the entire preparation duration.

  1. Running/Jogging on toes: 5000 m 
  2. One Leg Squats: 10 with each leg
  3. Push Ups: 20 in a set, 2 sets
  4. Pull Ups: 10 in a set

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