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Jaisalmer Desert Camping - Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Desert Camping

4 Days / 5 Nights 990ft
7km 10 to 35 years
Invincible NGO


  • Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad

  • ₹ 2950

Jaisalmer Desert Trekking Expedition

To groom the youngsters in the field of adventures, aware them about the rich Indian Heritage: both natural & cultural, Invincible - The NGO presents one of its unique style of camping programme in Thar Desert. Here, the young India will explore the barren land's beauty and landscapes, and will experience the typical Rajasthani culture through interactions and exploration.

About the Expedition

During the winter season, the desert area remains comparatively cooler than the summer and it creates an appropriate situation to feel and enjoy the real Thar beauty. The Thar Desert also nicknamed as the Great Indian Desert, is the world's 17th largest desert. It is divided among the countries India and Pakistan, with the majority part being in India. It is one of the most populated desert areas amongst the globe. In India, Thar occupies parts of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana. The region faces frequent draughts, also land degradation is a major problem in the Thar Desert.

The expedition has main 2 aspects of leaning:

  1. Exploration of Thar Desert through famous trekking trails
  2. Observing and understanding the local Rajasthani culture


Jaisalmer is also known as "The Golden City" of India and is one of the largest city of Rajasthan and it also comprises of the Pakistan border on one of its sides. The town is the world heritage site and it mainly built of the yellowish sandstone.

The city contains various heritage sites like fort, lake, temples etc. Overall, its desert, fauna and varied culture makes it an attraction for the world. On the same side the city is famous for its food, culture and Rajasthani Accent.

Besides this, the fort was built by Bhati Rajput ruler Jaisal, in 1156 at Meru Hills and named as Trikoot Garh has been site for many wars. The site is very suitable for camel rides. There are many diversities among flora and fauna.


Amongst the beauty of the this beautiful city, there is also a horror residing among its boundaries. This is a village which was destroyed 4 centuries ago and it is believed amongst the locals that the site goes live during full moon which makes it more interesting place to visit.

Sam Sand Dunes

The perfect example of the desert eco-system situated alongside the town of Jaisalmer covering large area. The land consists of craggy rocksand compact salt lake bottoms, fixed dunes, etc. There is abundance of bird life in the nearby region and it also forms site for the migratory birds. Site also contains fossils of plants and animals of 180 million years old. Also, depictions of dinosaurs are found.


It is a National Desert Park which is located around 14 km from the Sam Sand Dunes. Black-buck is the common antelope of this region. Alongside with the desert fox, wolf and desert cat. Birds such as sand grouse, partridges, bee-eaters, larks, and shrikes are common sights. During winters many foreign species add to the vivid beauty and charm of the park.


Barana village is located in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan, India.The camp is settled here nearby the village and the joy of camel ride to Khoori desert can be enjoyed from here, on the other hand it also provides the feel of the typical village life of the locals residing there. The camp fire on the evening is like the icing on the cake.

Day 1: Arrival at Jaisalmer after over-night bus journey. Visit Badabaug & Sunset at Sam Sand Dunes & Set up camp in the Desert

Day 2: Visit Khabha Fort, Kuldhara & Afternoon team games. Enjoy Rajasthani Cultural Programme at Night

Day 3: Trek to Malan Baisa Temple & Camel Ride to Khoori desert, After Parasailing back to Camp

Day 4: Free Day for sight-seeing at Jaisalmer, Depart for Ahmedabad in evening

Day 5: Reach Ahmedabad early morning

The schedule is subject to change as per the weather conditions. Any change in schedule or cancellation of the trek can be done without giving any prior information.


  1. Travelling from Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad by a non AC 3x2 or 2x2 bus
  2. Food (breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  3. Accommodation in adventure style (Tents will be provided)
  4. Guide & Volunteers
  5. Campfire & Folk Dance
  6. Camel Safari
  7. Forest Entry Fees


  1. Entry fees at places of sightseeing (if any)
  2. Bottled Drinking Water
  3. Parasailing Fees
  4. Bathing Facility
  5. Food on Free Day & First day Breakfast 
  6. Any thing not mentioned above

*We will Depart from Ahmedabad (near Gujarat University) on the previous night of the date shown on the website

i.e. if 28th Oct is shown on website, the camp will leave on 27th Oct 11:20 PM

Pickup Point would be Gujarat University

Returning time would be approximately 5 AM.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation would be granted by the Project Manager or Higher Authorities on receiving cancellation request through registered mail ID only. The cancellation Amount will be counted on total fees only.
The refund amount will be paid in 7 to 12 working days through an AC payee cheque.

Before more than 40 days of expedition,   10%
Before 21 to 40 days of expedition,   25%
Before 11 to 20 days of expedition,   40%
Before 1 to 10 days of expedition,   60%
In last 24 hours of Departure,     90%


✓ This is an Adventure Camp and not a leisure tour, so we expect a high level of discipline
✓ Participants will have to follow the instructions clearly given by the volunteer/guide, Misbehave/Arguing with the volunteers/guide/instructors will be considered as disciplinary issues
Smoking, Alcohol, Tobacco & Abusive Language are strictly prohibited and if anyone found suspect in such cases, the participation will be terminated and no further service/return ticket/refund will be offered then after
✓ Accommodation & Sanitary Facilities for Girls & Boys are separate
✓ Punctuality is taken as serious matter

Change Of Schedule

✓ In case of unforeseen conditions, the schedule/itinerary can be modified/cancelled
✓ Invincible reserves all rights to cancel/shorten/modify the itinerary, and the final decision is authorized with the trustee team

  • Personal Clothing
  • Warm Clothing
  • Bedding Materials
  • Sports Shoes & Socks
  • Jacket, Cap & Goggles
  • Water Bottle, Spoon & Mug/Glass
  • Power Bank, Torch, Camera & Chargers
  • Snacks & Personal Medicines
  • For more information please Call/WhatsApp on 9099400699 or mail us on [email protected]

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